Though some remote communities in Southeast Asia have access to Solar power to run medical equipment,  this alone is not sufficient for the provision of medical care. During the wet season and at night, solar power can not run medical equipment. As battery systems are currently too expensive and difficult to transport to remote communities, contemporary electrical oxygen generation is too often a distant reality.

FREO2 - Solar is an add on to our Siphon oxygen generator, allowing  the system to run off both solar power and running water. This versatility is unrivalled in the industry, allowing for the constant production of medical-grade oxygen, rain or shine, day and night. Additionally, the system has no ongoing costs, and can easily be integrated into existing power grids without modification. 

FREO2 - Solar aims to give greater autonomy to  rural health clinics by providing a versatile and reliable means of oxygen generation in the fight against Pneumonia.

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