Pneumonia is responsible for more childhood deaths every year than any other disease. The majority of deaths occur in low and middle income countries, where health centres often lack the supplies needed to effectively treat the illness. Concentrated oxygen is known to greatly reduce mortality but electrical oxygen concentrators are not viable in health centres with little or no access to electricity, leading to preventable deaths.

FREO2 is developing several low cost devices, including an electricity free oxygen concentrator and a simple oxygen store, which will improve access to medical oxygen in low and middle income countries.


FREO2-SIPHON is the world's first electricity free oxygen concentrator. By harnessing the energy of a running stream or river, this device can provide a continuous flow of medical grade oxygen to remote health centres.


Health centres with access to electricity in many countries face frequent black outs, resulting in concentrators shutting downl. The Low Pressure Oxygen Store (LPOS) stores excess oxygen produced while power is available and releases it when the power cuts out, keeping a continuous flow to the patients.


FREO2-SOLAR makes solar generated oxygen a possiblility without the need for expensive batteries.