2015/2016 Internship

In 2015, FREO2 Foundation Australia welcomed several students to take part in an internship over the summer months. The purpose of the internship was to develop new health technologies and to give interns  practical skills and experience. The interns undertook various workshops in global health and design thinking, before applying their knowledge to develop several concepts. Interns worked on technologies related to health monitoring, diagnosis, and disease prevention. The students joined us with experience in various fields, ranging from public health to physics, arts, and engineering, and they many areas of the world.


The Team


Isaac Lobo

Isaac is driven by the belief that no problem is too great or too difficult to solve. Having worked with FREO2 for the past year, he has developed his skills as well as his growing passion to help those in developing countries. Work on L.P.O.S and SIPHON has also encouraged him to explore new and innovative solutions to the health problems that millions face in the 3rd world. In his final year of undergraduate physics study, Isaac hopes to apply this knowledge to build life saving technologies. In his spare time, Isaac likes writing and water sports, as well as spending time with the laziest blob on the planet, his pet dog.

Desi Ariwinanti

Desi Ariwinanti is an international student currently studying Public Health at University of Melbourne. Her previous background as medical doctor working in the low resources setting of a primary health care service in the border area of Indonesia, her home country, has driven her to join the internship in FREO2 which aims to develop affordable and applicable technology for supporting health services in remote areas.  Furthermore, she hopes to make the most of her journey here in Australia by contributing to the betterment of health services for children and young adults.

Jillian Zemanek

Jillian Zemanek

Originally from Seattle, USA, Jillian Zemanek, is currently pursuing a Master of Public Health at the University of Melbourne. Drawing on experience from internships, studies abroad, and three years of work for a multinational non-profit, she seeks increasingly challenging opportunities for advancing health and developing markets.

 Jillian is a global health enthusiast pursuing a career encompassing her philosophy: Travel, learn, help.

Kevin Rassool

Kevin found a passion for  development during travels around Asia and Central America where he witnessed first hand dramatic health inequality. Currently, he works as an engineer on FREO2 Siphon and LPOS as well as managing the internship program. Kevin is undertaking his Masters of Mechanical Engineering after graduating from the Bachelor of Science with a major in Mechanical Systems in mid-2015.

Chelsea Jang

Chelsea Jang is a media and communication student studying at the University of Melbourne and has various experiences in public relations and media writing. Born in South Korea, Chelsea also lived in the Philippines and volunteered for typhoon disaster reliefs and for humanitarian supports at Smokey Mountain. With growing passion towards global health and sustainable technology, Chelsea is excited to spread Freo2 team's hard works and good wills to the world.

Asad Abbas Amerjee

Asad Abbas is a postgraduate Masters student of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Melbourne. He has joined the FREO team with the aim to gain valuable experience in health care technologies to help shape better lives for the impoverished peoples of the world, including his own country, Pakistan. He has been involved in several humanitarian works back home, and has a keen interest in sustainable energy.

John Anderson

John Anderson is a third year physics undergraduate student at the University of Melbourne. After spending time teaching science to primary school students in Uganda, he became passionate about healthcare and education in the developing world.

Jee Yang Chan

Jee Yang Chan

Jee Yang Chan recently finished his Engineering degree at the University of Melbourne and joined the FREO2 team in November 2015. Bringing a positive impact to the society has always been one of Jee Yang's life goals and he is now working together with FREO2 to bring better access to medical care to every child in the world.

Spencer Wong

Spencer Wong is currently studying science at the University of Melbourne and has an interest in media and design. He makes animations in his spare time and has been working on updating the FREO2 website. His goal is to spread knowledge of the team’s work, allowing them to form new partnerships and create new opportunities as they work to improve healthcare around the world.

Matthew Nguyen

Matthew Nguyen

Matthew Nguyen is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Melbourne majoring in Microbiology and Immunology. After stints in basic research at institutions around the world, Matthew gained a newfound interest in global health and social impact. Joining FREO2 in 2015, Matthew has been involved in curating and organising the internship 

Rocianne Bortolazzo Danani

Rocianne Bortolazzo Danani

Rocianne is an Environmental Engineering Master's student at the University of Melbourne. Rocianne is originally from Brazil, where she completed a bachelor degree in Environmental Engineering with emphasis in water resources and environmental modelling. She has rich volunteering experiences and has 2 years of professional experience working on small to large scale water resources projects at a Brazilian research institute. She is passionate about humanitarian engineering, sustainable development and social causes. Currently, she is involved with  Engineers Without Borders.

Yixuan Sun

Yixuan Sun

Yixuan Sun is a student studying Master of Engineering (Mechatronics) in the University of Melbourne. Yixuan loves problem solving and putting ideas into reality through engineering processes. He has designed and built an autonomous air hockey robot in the past and is now working on a prosthetic arm project as a part of his study. Joining FREO2 in November 2015, Yixuan is looking forward to utilising his knowledge into helping communities in need of his help.



FREO2 Foundation Australia would like to thank the following people and organisations for holding workshops and presentations during the internship:  The Fred Hollows Foundation, Oaktree, CBHP Australia, Studio Thick, Pete Wallis, Setu Pelz, REDR Australia, Daniel Stillman, Thomas Rechnitzer, and Frank Tait.